Human Resources Director を急募。 人事担当者様へ転職案件のご案内。 ニューヨーク求人。アメリカ転職。


Confidential Hire 

日系企業で、Human Resources Director   を急募しています。 


年収10万ドル Depending upon experience

Job Description



Human Resources & Administration


Oversee entire human resources function for U.S.  

Manage compensation for overseas offices. 

Oversee administration functions for the New York Head Office. Supervise four direct reports.

Ensure department objectives are being met.  

Create and manage HR and Administration departmental and personnel budgets.  

Ensure invoices are paid in a timely manner.  

Educate and manage Assistant Manager, Sr. Administration Specialist, Sr. HR Specialist, and Receptionist.

PAYROLL:  Review and process semi-monthly payroll.  Enter, review, and process monthly payroll.  

COMPENSATION:  Recommend annual salary increase amount.  Identify candidates for promotions.  Calculate semi-annual bonuses.  

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT:  Conduct semi-annual performance evaluations for the proper staff.  Advise managers the evaluation process.   Mediate appraisal meetings.

BENEFITS MANAGEMENT:  Negotiate health insurance annual renewal with the health insurance brokers.  Ensure that the plans are being executed in accordance with the policy or plan descriptions.  Review 401(K) plan to ensure the current plan meets present market standards and update or upgrade the plan when necessary.  Transmit 401(K) monthly contributions.  Keep and maintain benefits and 401(K) records.

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS:  Investigate complaint raised from employees or managers.  Find solution to complaint and ensure solution is in compliance with policy and/or legal regulations.  Provide training when necessary.  Answer and explain to employees and managers inquiries on company policies and practices.

STAFFING:   Provide for the staffing needs of the company through screening, interviewing, and selecting candidates.  Conduct employee orientation.  Conduct exit Interview.

LEGAL COMPLIANCE:  Ensure legal compliance in all HR programs.  Provide census data for audits.  Periodically review and update company policy.  Advise senior management on major legislation changes pertaining to HR.  Provide legal training for supervisors when necessary.


BUILDING MANAGEMENT: Ensure property is maintained in good condition.  Ensure maintenance and repair needs are met in a timely manner.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES: Manage and troubleshoot issues related to internet and WiFi communication.

OTHER DUTIES INCLUDE:  Manage telephone system, postage and mailings, leased equipment, general office equipment and office supplies.  


Assistant Manager 

Sr. Human Resources Specialist




Bachelor's Degree

5-10 years experience in HR with significant generalist experiences, covering benefits, performance management, payroll, employee relations, compensation, FMLA, etc. 

Previous experience working in Japanese-owned firm is a plus. 

履歴書を  までお送りください。 




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